Helping a person in crisis

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HELPING A PERSON IN CRISIS The provision of statutory crisis support requires a professional who is qualified in crisis intervention. However, everyone must support and ensure the needs of a bereaved person immediately after their loss. You should not fear encountering a person in crisis, even if you are not a crisis intervention professional. [...]

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A bereaved person in the work community

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A BEREAVED PERSON IN THE WORK COMMUNITY Any work community can encounter a death incident or the death of an employee's family member. Ready-made operating models reduce the lack of advice and help the organisation operate in a supportive manner that promotes their work capacity. Attention should be paid towards a bereaved employee immediately [...]

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Diversity of grief

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DIVERSITY OF GRIEF Alasuutari V. ( 2021). Suru sateenkaaren päässä. Alasuutari V. (2020) Death at the end of the Rainbow. Rethinking Queer Kinsip, Rituals Remembrace at the Finnish culture of Death. Turun yliopisto. Humanoria. Turku Alasuutari, V. (2018). Kuolema sateenkaaren [...]

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