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support for those who in their work encounter people who have lost a family member

Surevan kohtaaminen is a permanent project by four NGO:s in Finland which organize peer support and help especially for the bereaved.

On this website you find knowledge based on scientific research and experiences of the bereaved.

The permanent project also trains experts by experience to visit professionals and students. The experts tell about their experiences after the death of their loved one.

The knowledge benefits everyone who in their work have encounters with the bereaved: for example those who work for hospitals, health centers, police departments or churches. It also helps the bereaved themselves.

The organizations behind the project are: Huoma ry – peer support after a loved one’s death from homicide, Käpy Child Death Families ry, Nuoret Lesket ry – young widows of Finland association and Surunauha ry – peer support after a loved one’s suicide.